Representing me at my best

I engaged Daryl James because of his emphasis on a collaborative approach to a divorce. I appreciated that he was calm and thoughtful; he worked with me to come to a resolution that reflected my best intentions. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.  Mary


Daryl is top notch

I knew Daryl James through working with him over a thirty-five years time frame as a non lawyer who worked professionally in the legal field. Out of the hundreds of attorneys I met during these years, it was Daryl whom I picked when my wife decided to end our long marriage. He was just how I knew him to be-compassionate, efficient, totally knowledgeable, and effective in his just-right combination of confidence and clarity in court. His staff is well-chosen— smart and efficient and knowledgeable and compassionate. Daryl is extremely highly regarded by other attorneys, judges, and mental health professionals who work in the area of divorce law.  Howard


Trust & Confidence

Daryl offered counsel in a no-nonsense method that allowed me to approach separation with complete trust in him and the process. Daryl’s experience and expertise of how things were very comforting during a very difficult time in my life.  Matt


Daryl K James is an Excellent Mediator and Lawyer

In the sad event of divorce, Daryl did a splendid job of helping us maintain good relations and devise a good settlement. The patient work with what was needed to satisfy the court and maintain flexibility for later events has been very much appreciated for many yeas now. Later, Daryl worked out some other needs for an adjustment, in a new way. And, I have employed him and his staff for a will. I heartily recommend him for an alternatives to confrontation and competition. His care goes well beyond the legal details.  John


Collaborative divorce

Daryl fully embraced my goal to keep the divorce process as stress free as possible by helping find ways my former husband and I could work together in cooperation rather than with adversity. He was clear about things I needed to do and things my former husband and I needed to do together without always requiring his direct intervention. But at the same time I knew Daryl was completely available when I need to consult with him. I greatly appreciated his gentle and supportive approach while at the same time had complete trust in his professional abilities.  Barbara


Excellent representation

I hired Daryl to represent me during a collaborative divorce process. At a very difficult time, I felt fully supported and well-represented. Because divorce is such an emotionally charged subject, it was extremely reassuring to have someone working for me that had my best interest at heart, and someone who was paying attention to things that I hadn’t even thought about. Daryl is extremely knowledgable about the collaborative process, which allows you to avoid going to court. He is very well-versed with tax issues, financial planning issues and I found him to be very forward thinking as far as issues that will (and have) come up down the road. Knowing that you can trust the person representing you alleviates a lot of stress. I can’t thank Daryl enough for helping me come out of this process with the best possible agreement.


An attorney with integrity

I turned to Daryl when I divorced six years ago. Sadly my divorce was messy, with two children, complex financial issues and two parties who still cannot get along. Daryl stepped in and brought sanity to what had been utter chaos. He did a solid job for me on a difficult case and has supported me when things have gotten sticky in the years since. He did a good job helping through change of parenting time and change in child support several years after the initial settlement. I would recommend him highly.  Phil


A trusted source

I have worked with Daryl for almost 10 years. He represented me during the divorce, and continued modifications to our parenting plan, initiated by the other party. He has been great at defending whatever comes our way. He first educates me, then negotiates on my behalf. If that doesn’t work, he is willing to litigate on my behalf. I can sleep at night knowing that Daryl is on my team. Andy

Excellent Representation for my Divorce

I contacted Daryl to help me with a divorce. I was very satisfied with the representation I received. Daryl and his assistant made the process as painless as possible, given the circumstances. I was also able to work with Daryl again on child custody issues and most recently, Daryl filed motions to discontinue the child support obligation I had with my former spouse. This was due to my children being emancipated adults. This required only an email or two and again, I was very satisfied with the service I received. Paul

Compassionate sensitive and effective

5 Stars!  I can’t say enough about how happy I am with Mr. James and the service he provided. He outperformed opposing counsel and helped me navigate through the complicated divorce process with ease. We avoided a court trial and negotiated child support payments that was fair to everyone. I would hire Mr. James again in an instant. Anonymous